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The word cheap has gotten a bad rap. Cheap is the friend that borrows your car and doesn’t fill up the tank. Cheap is the pair of socks from the Dollar Store that give you a rash because they’re made out of recycled Chernobyl uniforms. That’s bad cheap.

But at Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent, we’re the good version of cheap, and that’s because we bring so much to the table. We charge a little and give a lot, something not every Delaware registered agent service can brag about.

We provide superior Delaware registered agent service for just $39/year. Plus, if you hire us to form your Delaware LLC or corporation, you’ll get one year of registered agent service included. We also provide services you won’t get with every registered agent, like mail forwarding, trademark service, and ongoing support like domain name, website, SSL, email, and phone service.

Why Hire a Delaware Registered Agent?

Every business registered with Delaware’s Division of Corporations needs to appoint a registered agent. That registered agent must have address in Delaware, no a PO box or a rinky-dink virtual office. Your Delaware registered agent’s office (called a registered office) is also required to be open during normal business hours (9am-5pm) to receive service of process and important notifications from the state.

You’re allowed to serve as your own registered agent, but you may run into problems. First off you’ll have to keep regular business hours, which not all business owners are able to do. On top of that you’ll miss out on a lot of the privacy benefits that has made Delaware so popular with businesses because your address will appear on your state filings. Lastly, if your business decides to change locations, you’ll have to update your registered office address with the state.

That’s why the smart move—in our view—is to hire a commercial Delaware registered agent service instead.

Why Hire Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent?

No other Delaware registered agent brings to the table what we do. Free mail forwarding, the free use of our Delaware business address, and an awesome and secure online account for all of your important business documents all come standard when you hire Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent.

If you hire us you’ll be able to use our address on all of your public documents and keep your name and personal information on the down low.

Our Delaware Business Services

But we can do more than simply offer registered agent service. We can also help you start your LLC or corporation in Delaware, and our add-on services extend to include more robust Delaware mail forwarding, virtual office, and Business Presence (website, email, phone) service packages.

Here’s a quick glance at the additional Delaware business services we have to offer:

LLC Formation

We can form your Delaware LLC quickly, cheaply, and efficiently at Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent—all for a total of $249. This total includes our $100 LLC service fee, $39/year for our registered agent service, and the $110 state filing fee. We can also register a trade name (DBA) for $125 per Delaware county (plus government fees) after purchasing one of our services.

And we’ll give you a domain name (free for one year), as well as a website, email, SSL, and phone service, all free for 90 days.

$ 249 Total

Order Your Delaware LLC

Incorporation Service

We can start your Delaware corporation for $248 total. That’s $100 for our incorporation service, $39/year to serve as your registered agent, and the $109 state filing fee for registering a corporation in Delaware. We can also register a trade name (DBA) for $125 per Delaware county (plus government fees) after purchasing one of our services.

And we’ll give you a domain name (free for one year), as well as a website, email, SSL, and phone service, all free for 90 days.

$ 248 Total

Order Your Delaware Corporation

Delaware Incorporation Advantages

There are solid reasons so many Fortune 500 companies choose to incorporate in Delaware: low to no taxes, proven liability laws, and relatively low maintenance with regard to state filing requirements. Delaware may be a small state, but we know how to make businesses of all sizes feel welcome and secure.

LLC Formation

If you hire us to be your Delaware registered agent or start your business in Delaware, our info goes into the system, not yours. For LLCs this means that the names of your members and/or managers don’t appear on your public filings, which allows for some pretty excellent privacy.

Delaware corporations must list the names and addresses of all directors on their annual
report. However, Delaware does not make this information searchable online, which does
offer a smidgen more privacy than most states. A corporation’s annual report is a public
document, which means anyone can request a copy from Delaware’s Division of Corporations.


Delaware collects no sales tax, no value-added taxes, no use tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, no capital shares or taxes for transferring stock, and no tax on intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, and naming rights.

Chancery Court

Delaware has a court system called the Court of Chancery, which allows the state to determine proper corporate litigation. This gives business incorporated in Delaware a more favorable system for reviewing lawsuits, liability, and other legal matters.

In addition, Delaware’s Bar Association regularly reviews Delaware’s corporate laws, which means that if you form a business in state, you can be satisfied knowing that Delaware business law is up to date.

Simple Maintenance

Delaware LLCs pay a flat $300 annual tax. This tax takes the place of an annual report. As an added bonus, the fee can be paid online, which eliminates the time suck of paper filings. Corporations do have to file an annual report and pay the required fee, but this doesn’t require a ton of information and can be filed online quick and easy.

$39 a Year Delaware Registered Agent Service

At Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent we give you a lot and ask for a little. We work hard, take care of our dedicated staff, and just feel like we don’t need to rake in the big bucks when we could offer excellent service at a low price that allows us to stay in business and live comfortably.

We have a nice office located next door to Delaware’s Division of Corporations and a few blocks from the famed Court of Chancery. We would have called ourselves Frugal Delaware Registered Agent, but cheap just sounds better. Our price may be cheap but our service isn’t!

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